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Flamenco Graf-Martinez

Flamenco guitar publications by Gerhard Graf-Martinez.

New! Flamenco Guitar Tecnics Vol. 1 - 3

The award-winning Flamenco Guitar DVD is a 10-lesson video course on two DVDs and a two volume Flamenco Guitar Method.

The rhythm in the Flamenco is called the compás. Read here all about the beats and counting.

All about the instrument. Download free lessons with score player and video for free. Private in-person guitar instruction via video conference.

Gipsy Guitar is a play-along-album of the Rumba-styles. A method about how to play the strokes and patterns with two CD-Audio. The multi-media-version of this book is Rumba Guitar DVD.

Flamenco metronome is a software application which shows every guitarist a safe way to play all styles.

Flamenco Percusión is a bundle of virtual Instruments Cajón and Palmas and rhythm templates for music software. Cajón Beats is a set of non-flamenco rhythms and grooves projects. Just released Cajon Loops for iPad and iPhone.

The work of Graf-Martinez guitarist, author, composer and teacher. About music, life and passion. Read the reviews and press comments of Graf-Martinez' pubs, CDs and concerts. If you have any question about styles, techniques, rhythm etc., feel free to send a message and get advice from Graf-Martinez.

See the techniques of great players.

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