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Flamenco guitar lessons for free

Tablatur / tabs and standard notation - video.

Lesson 1: Tangos Antiguos | Lesson 2: Alejo's Rumba | Lesson 3: Tangos extremeños (Video)

Workshop für Flamenco-Gitarre


Acompañar el Cante - Accompaniment of a singer

Tangos antiguos - Noten und TAB

Flamenco guitar lesson 1 - Tab and notation


Chapter 1: Ritmo básico, Chapter 2: Intro (Falseta), Chapter 3: Temple, Chapter 4: 1° Cante, Chapter 5: Falseta, Chapter 6: 2° Cante, Chapter 7: Acordes




Rumba pa dos guitarras

Flamenco guitar lesson 2

Tab and notation

Rumbita for two guitars


Workshop für Gitarre No. 2

Workshop 2 - Alejo´s Rumba

Rumbita für zwei Gitarren - Solo/Rhythmus-Gitarre - Noten und Tab




Tangos extremeños

Flamenco-Workshop No. 3 (Video)

• In German
• English sub-title
• high qualitiy video
• guitar grid
• Stereo soundfile
• Quicktime 6


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