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About the Flamenco instruction books of Gerhard Graf-Martinez

I'm very pleased with your method. I have bought so many materials about Flamenco guitar and they are so boring.

I would like to thank you for this work and my technique has increased a lot. Please, donít stop creating good methods like these.

Ken (Pennsylvania)

Hello Sir. thank you very very much for your work.

P.S. Our ensemble plays 'La Morita' all the time. Its one of our favorites.

Yannick from France

El Duende Flamenco - Forum Flamenco - France

posté le: Ven Mai 05, 2006 8:18 pm

el frances
quelqu'un a t-il déjà entendu parler de Graf-Martinez le guitariste?

Oui bien sur il fait d'exelente méthode de flamenco très pedagogique, il a aussi des méthodes de rumba qui sont vraiment sympas.

tu y va fort..exelente methode..hum...c est pas mal....pâr contre tres pêdago entierement d tres bien d avoir un dvd avec.
mais le guitariste pas super top..faut croire que enseigner tu la technique.

el frances
je viens de découvrir une de ses méthodes, j'ai découvert un p'tit rythme por rumba super excellent, et des compas por buléria du tonnère, c pas mal du tout
en exploration.....

j'ai cette methode, tres moyenne pour les buleria sauf peut etre les percus, et le guitariste aussi tres leger sur les picados et tremolos n'en parlons pas , rasgueados uniquement pmp , niveau inferieur aux guitaristes de ce forum..

el frances
c'est vrai son trémolo il est vraiment pas beau autant ne pas le jouer, pour le reste, le guitariste assure, il a quand un très bon jeu et connais à peu près tous les palos, moi j'aimerais jouer à son niveau, je le trouve pas inférieur au niveau des gens de ce forum....loin de là
c'est mon avis
viva rumba martinez, et que çà swing!!!

Threads from the forum of FlamencoTeacher

Re: Book opinion - Posted by: Behzad - Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I second that about the Graf-Martinez. Have not bought them (yet), but have looked through them, and they seem very good. And this is coming from me, the person who has a great ahtred towards method books! :)

Re: Book opinion - Posted by: luis - Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Hola Foro members;
I third that opinion on the Graf Martinez books they are excellent and he explains everything acurately. I also just finished buying volume 2 and will be ordering the gipsy guitar by the end of this month, Zurdo, where can I buy the DVD's of his method?? Or has he had them out yet??
I recommend Graf Martinez over any other method books. Thanks to my friend Zurdo.
A Friend in Flamenco

Re: Self study - Posted by: luis - Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Hi everyone!!
I would like to know how I can get the gerhard graf- martinez Flamenco guitar method volume 2. Thanks to Zurdo, I bought the vol.1 and I'm very pleased with it and recommend it, highly if you are jut starting out. I have checked out Flamenco connection and but they don't have vol 2.
A friend in Flamenco

Re: Self study - Posted by: El Zurdo - Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Hola Luis,
This method is good eh. I'm really happy with it. Check out the sample of the methods on DVD
Why don't you send Mr. Graf an email. I'm sure he can point you to the right direction. He's very helpful. I believe this is his address...

In fact, I'm going to write and ask him when Vol. II will be out on DVD.

Thanks for making available to Jan

Threads from Foro Flamenco

El Zurdo -> Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (October 30th at 11:19:38 PM)

After listening to the samples of the Graf-Martinez method on his website I got a smile on my face because I loved what I heard. This could be what I've been looking for.

AndyB -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 11th at 2:58:31 PM)

Did you get both books? I think those method books are fantastic.

El Zurdo -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 11th at 7:21:08 PM)

Hey Andy, no I only ordered Vol. I because I didn't know what to expect. I should have and will now order Vol II.
This book is excellent. Although I have most of the techniques down it was a great refresher. The material is more "flamenco" compared to xxxx books. His are good too but I am much more pleased with the way Graf-Martinez explains things.

eslastra -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 11th at 7:25:19 PM)

El Z,
Good choice! The materials in there are very practical for developing the rhythmic feel for the 8 and 12 count compas. Listen as closely as possible to the recorded examples, there are nuances that are sometimes impossible to put in notation. Graf does a good job of making sure these come through. Volume 2 is a little more advanced and interesting, but I suggest to make sure you have the materials in Volume 1 well under your fingers before you jump to that one. It will be worth the time spent.
Happy Playing!

El Zurdo -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 11th at 7:50:06 PM)

Hi Eddie. Your right. I'm not planning on starting two until I can do Vol. I in my sleep.
After I finish the xxxxx books I would play what I learned but something was missing. I don't know what it was. It sounded like I learned the material from a book which I did LOL!
Grafs are different. More authentic, more flavor. Good stuff.

AndyB -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 11th at 11:01:42 PM)

Wait til you see Vol 2. It is chocked full of good performance material and very practical material. I esp love his tarantos and alegrias variations.

eslastra -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 12th at 6:21:18 AM)

El Z,
I love teaching guitar so I'm always on the lookout for materials that are practical and effective. With so many books and videos out on the market, it is easy these days for a student to end up spending a lot of money and still not have the right materials. I have just about everything that's ever been published in the last 50 years. Some are excellent and some are not so good. Most flamenco guitar books have been geared towards solo guitar playing. Graf's books seem to be geared more towards developing accompaniment skills, though it never mentions that anywhere in the books. But it's evident as soon as you listen to the recorded examples. I think the bulerias explanations in Vol 1 are about the most comprehensive I've seen in print. Vol 2 has an excellent section on describing the palos, even some of the obscure ones. There's a lot of information packed in these 2 volumes. Graf really did his homework before he wrote these books so there's no need for me to develop yet another method. Why reinvent the wheel?

Bob Arbuckle -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (November 12th at 7:35:39 PM)

Hi Eddie,
I'm still waiting for Vol.2. I have Vol 1 and agree with everyone, that Graf-Martinez does a good job. His examples capture the Flamenco Aire.
You mentioned that he covers Bulerias in Vol 1, but I cannot find it? The CD has an extensive section on Bulerias, but I think it's covered in Vol 2.
Looking forward to Vol 2.

duende -> RE: Graf-Martinez Flamenco Method (December 28th at 10:13:05 PM)

i have learnd a lot from his books
I have them in german.....witch means that i don´t understand anything
but you can always hear and learn the music.

AndyB -> RE: Guitar Methods for accompanying (November 11th at 3:03:03 PM)

Eddie and I were talking about the Graf-Martinez books last week. There is lots of good dance accompaniment material in them as they present nuts and bolts rhythm variations instead of compositions. But they don't show accompaniment of the cante.

AndyB -> RE: Juan Martin's teaching material (September 5th at 5:33:29 PM)

I think I misunderstand you better now Michael. But I think that maybe this depends "on where you are sitting." If a beginner is learning in order to try to play 2nd guitar (or 3rd) with more contemporary players, then I would agree with you. The *MATERIAL* in xxxx xxxx's and xxxxx xxxxx's methods are probably too dated to be of practical and immediate use. I know I sound like a stuck record but I truely believe that the Graf-Martinez books are the best for beginners & intermediates to learn contemporary flamenco guitar material.

Thanks for making available to Michael

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