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Comments from users and customers of the Flamenco Metronome around the world.




Flamenco Vivo - Sevilla
Producer of: Lole y Manuel, Familia Montoya, Camarón, Pata Negra, Rafael Riqueni, Tomatito, Terremoto, Diego Carrasco, El Potito, La Macanita, Rocío Jurado,

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Santa Monica, Californien, USA
Engineer/Produzent von Dolly Parton, Princes of Malibu, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Troy, Michael Bublé. -


Madrid, Spain
Performed songs that were written by his pen is almost endless: Ana Belén, Camarón de la Isla, Clara Montes, Dieguito 'El Cigala', El Ecijano, Lolita, Los del Río, María José Santiago, María Vargas, Massiel, Niña Pastori, Paco de Lucía, Paloma San Basilio, Pata Negra, Tijeritas ... As a producer, he is responsible for Niña Pastori's career. He has also been behind some records by Diego El Cigala, Guadalberto, Susana Verdú, Ricardo Miño, Los del Río...


Pistol River, OR, USA -


Professor (Flamenco and Mathematik)
School of Computer Science and Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology - The Schulich School of Music - McGill University Montreal, Canada


New Flamenco, Rumba and Jazz!

Barcelona, Spanien
Salud y bienestar son nuestros destinos genéticos. Tenemos la sabiduría necesaria para cambiar Cuerpo y Mente forman una unidad integrada y se afectan mutuamente.


B.V.D. Music Productions, Holland
2003 ITA Preisträger,


Bellydance and Beyond, Berkeley, USA


DanzActiva Inc. - Escuela de danza, Puerto Rico


Miami USA -


German actor

Marcelino Galán Pérez
Gitarrist und Lehrer: Estudio Escola de Música
Santiago de Compostela, Spanien


Guitarist and owner of Libertino Music -


Músico, pesquisador, compositor, arranjador e instrumentista, Sao Paulo, Brasil


Amanda Baker
Singer / Songwriter -

Antonio Hernandez
Digitally Sound
Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA


Michael Cady
Atlanta Flamenco Productions, Georgia, USA (


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... continuation of Very Cool Practice Tool!

On to the Compas Visible feature which provides scrolling music with both musical notes and tabs also a smaller version of the metronome clock that keeps the time for the music being played. This by far is the coolest feature of this software as it provides examples of three different timings groups of Flamenco music and allows you to play along providing the ability to increase and decrease the tempo.

The first group starting on the twelve beat are Bulerias, Guajiras, Fandanguillo and Petenera followed by a group that start on the one beat Alegrias and Solea and lastly the group which start on the eighth beat Siguiriyas. Although most of the provided patterns are short and simple they do not miss there intension which is to provide a steady repetition of each Palo.

... This is a great product as it is now. … Well thanks to the Graf-Martinez team we believe there Flamenco Metronome may just be what you were looking for.

Epitome of Cesar Serna's review on 9-24-05 - (Flamenco Community)

icon testimonials I am happy to promote your metronome because I truly believe it is an excellent produc. The full version is now installed on my machine and everything works well. I love it. Many thanks for that. I have also included a link to your metronome on my compás clock page.

Sal Bonavita
Sal's Flamenco Soapbox

icon testimonials

I've just bought the Flamenco metronome from your site, and downloaded the video lessons. Congratulations for your very professional work !

Vincent Buous
Marseille, France

You have a great product!

Eric Robison, Montecito, USA

Just wanted to let you know, your compas metronome is GREAT!! The visual clock is so much better than just a regular metronome because when writing falsetas you can clearly see how much "space" needs to be filled or how it sits in relation to the proper accented notes.
I love it, excellent tool for the money.

D. Chitayat, South Carolina (USA)

Thanks for the metronome, a well designed and presented piece of software, and of great use. Compas Visible is very helpful.

Andrew Smith, Sheffield, GB

I really like it so far.

… this is the most elegant piece of software that I have ever used. I have developed interactive simulations in Flash. The metronome is far more helpful (and less expensive) than Compás-CDs. .. I really like it so far.“

Brooke Kantor - (California)

I have to say you are the man and this is way way way cool. Again thanks for the wonderful tools and instruction. Bottom line you have a wonderful product and thank you for your patience with me.

Victor Tarassov, Princeton, USA (Guitarist, composer)

I really appreciate the prompt support. I will make sure to publicize that if it can help you any way selling your products.

Patrick Stainier - (New York/Barcelona) Co-Founder and President of

Money well spent

I have been using it, and can't say that there is any better product out there for the money. It was money well spent.

David Breckheimer, Minnesota (USA)

I have been working with the metronome and getting a much better feel for compas in Solea as a result.! I studied Classical Indian Tabla for a several years, but Flamenco Compas is still a complicated idea to understand.

Chris Hamblin, East Sussex, U.K.

Compas Pro is effective in the person who is interested in the flamenco. I meet smart software, and I am glad.

Thank you for wonderful software.

Junichi Matsuda, Kawaguchi Saitama (Japan) - review see

Fantastic !!!! ... a great tool to learn the Flamenco… This is like having Amazing Slow Downer (almost), Guitar Shed, etc rolled into one. OLE!!!!

NADOKY  (Review in

Features: 5 stars
Ease of Use: 5 stars
Value: 5 stars
Stability: 5 stars

Hola maestro! The metronome looks fantastic. Very easy to use with a lot of options.

Tom Nuñez, La Falseta Classical & Flamenco Guitars, Denton, TX. USA

It works great. Olé!

James Marshall

When all is said and done this is a superb tool!

Allan Ides (L.A., USA)

Hello, I use the metronome over years and it's a great app. the compas visible includes all main-styles (palos) - but these are only examples for "how to count" in the flamenco-clock. But works fine and who practices with this app, learns to play accurately in the compas.

Carl van de Reutes NL


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Japanese reviews of the Flamenco Metronome.

Japanese review text about the Flamenco metronome.

Thanks to Junichi Matsuda www.mactechlab Japan

flamenco magazine 'Farruca'

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