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Testimonials from guitarists around the world. Read what people are saying about the Flamenco guitar publications by Gerhard Graf-Martinez.

Mis palabras de agradecimiento serían insuficientes para expresar toda la alegría y satisfacción de mis lectores y estudiantes que gracias a su generosidad pueden aprovechar el mejor método de guitarra flamenca. Mil gracias. Asimismo, me permito dar las gracias al Sr. D. Prof. Gerhard Graf-Martínez y enviarle mis mejores deseos.

Un atento saludo,
María Petrescu
Jefe de Biblioteca
Instituto Cervantes

My words of gratefulness would be insufficient to express all the joy and satisfaction of my readers and students who thanks to their generosity can take advantage of the best method of flamenco guitar. Thousand thanks. Also, I allow myself to thank to Mr. D. Prof. Gerhard Graf-Martinez and to send my best desires to him.


My name is Miguel L. Nañawa from Manila, Philippines. thank you very very much!
P.S. My guitar ensemble plays 'La Morita' all the time. Its one of our favorite rumbas.

Hallo Gerhard,

Guten tag. Es tut mir leid, aber ich spricht nicht viel Deutsch.
I am a flamenco guitarist in the United States, and I'm always looking for new ideas.I have a lot of flamenco books, but I noticed that yours seem to have more detail, more history, and more background information than most.

De todos modos, buenos días de los Estados Unidos, que todo le vaya bien,

David Chu

Hi Mr. Martinez,

I am a flamenco student here in Kansas, USA, and recently I bought the Flamenco Guitar Method 1 and 2 and Rumba Guitar with Cds, videos and score player  and I have been studying your method and I am amazed that I have learned more in 01 month than in 06 months of Flamenco Guitar lessons with a teacher.

I am so pleased with your method. I have bought so many materials about Flamenco guitar and they are so boring, and you showed in your video what we really want to learn. Not just rhythms and Palos however the soloing and phrases, falsetas that is not easy to see in many Flamenco guitar videos.

I would like to thank you for this work and my technique has increased a lot. Please, don’t stop creating good methods like these.

Keep me updated about new DVDs.

Rob Batista

My name is Litsa,

and I have been studying Flamenco for two years...I currently a copy of Gipsy Guitar, book and CD!!!! I love it. I was wondering if your Flamenco Guitar Method Book, Volume 1 & 2 will ever be available in English.

Hello Gerhard,

I arose recently your Flamenco book. Really very madly made. You made yourself a quantity of work and are well understandable the examples also for beginners. The pieces on that CD sound also genuinly beautiful. You are really a full blood musician with heart.

Piet - Germany

Dear Martinez,

... and thought the books very useful indeed.

Huseyin Sipahioglu - Turkey

Hola Maestro,

I really like the concept of being able to watch you because this will help me make sure I am performing something correctly.

I also wanted to express to you my sincerest gratitude.Vol. I have made me a much better guitarist! With other methods I have always been left unsatified and found the material to be too "dry".

I love to practice and play your material. I have even developed the ability to play with a little "aire". People that hear me think I have been playing much longer than I actually have. Your method has been the biggest help and motivation. Thank you.

All the best,
Tom Nunez

La Falseta Classical & Flamenco Guitars

Hello Gerhard.

I am a fan of the Flamenco and I have all your Flamenco books. Your instructional method impressed me very much.

Christophe Carnat

Hi, all.

I'm brazillian and bought the FLAMENCO - GITARRENSHULE Band I and Band II, 3 years ago in Zurich.

The method is fantastic and the informations inside the both volumes are very very clear.

Hasta la vista...
Robson Esteves (Brasil)

First of all - large praise for the two Flamenco books.

Marek Tinz - Germany

From Foro Flamenco

I just have a comment to make regarding that interactive CD mentioned. After viewing the QuickTime online showing the music playback with score and speed adjustment, I just have to say that it is very well done. If Gerhard is still following this thread, Gerhard, I've been building interactive multimedia applications for 10 years and that CD displayed on your website is a truly brilliantly designed application! Particularly since it's been built with Director (which is notoriously finicky, flakey and often plain unruly). That's quite an undertaking. Nice work. It's like the TablEdit application but with actual audio AND video (?). Very cool.

B. James Keown
Rich Media Applications Developer (and amateur guitarist)
Blend Media Group Inc., Canada


I have purchased your Flamenco Guitar Method I and II and would like to congatulate. You on excelent work you have done.

Janez Jazbec,

quisiera informacion de como poder tener ese estupendo curso de guitarra flamenca soy de peru

Carlos Inga

Quisiera informacion de como poder tener ese estupendo curso de guitarra flamenca soy de peru Carlos Inga

hi my name is sebastien Jubelin, I just bouht flamenco guitar method volume one. I really like it. I live in the united states now, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Thanx

Dear Gerhard,
Thank you for your useful book "Flamenco Guitar Method Volume 1". Thanks very much,
Michael Maloney
New York

I wanted to complement you on all your study books and media. They are the most detailed and easy to use. I thought your work on the DVD was brilliant. Are you considering creating one for Bulerias, Alegrias, etc... Once again thank you for the masterpieces you have created.
a fan
Victor Torres -

Last week, i've go down to montreal. I've read and article in the windows of STEEVE'S Music in montreal. I enter to the store. I'll pick up one of your volume FLAMENCO GUITAR METHOD VOLUME I. And it's more than the paper said. I've learn so many tricks it's vera good written. I'll decide to buy your two next volume. (volume two and the one about rumba) thank a lot
Long live to your work - it's marvelous
Dearly, Maxime Poulin

Thank's a lot for these explanations. Jean Louis Allain - France

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Hi, i really admire ur work so much, i have all of ur work. i wish u all success in your career, and have a nice day. kamalh - arabic emirates.

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that I am delighted with the metronome, also gipsy guitar book an CD-rom. Many thanks Wladek.

hola soy jeronimo, Un saludo, he estado mirando tus metodos y son cojonudos.
Llevo 2 años con la guitarra y mi profesor es Rafael Cañizares y tengo muchas ganas de aprender.

Jeronimo - España

Dear sir, For three years now i've been learning how to play flamenco guitar. My teacher showed me the importance of the compas-feeling, as he describes it.
I just saw the demo of the software version of the compas metronome. While this is a very interesting tool
Bert Corten (Belgium)

My name is Ricardo...
I like your products very much and I recently purchase both Guitar 1 & 2 DVD plus the metronome which I download and paid for via de internet..  I have enjoyed the DVD very much and my progress is coming along..  Sincerely
Ricardo Giancarlo.

Hi. What shall i say I am really glad for this free lessons I always been a big fan of flamenco but never get down and really try to learn it. this is my chance. 
Thanks Sam Karlsson, Sweden

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