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German EduMedia Award

Berlin 2005

For the DVDs „Flamenco Guitar“ by Gerhard Graf-Martinez

Winner of the Comenius-Medal 2005 for “Exemplary Education Media”


Comenius EduMedia

GPI award 2005


Award ceremony: Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard E. Ortner



urkunde und text 05Certificate of “The Society for Pedagogy and Information“ (SPI) - Berlin. Topics of their work covers problems of current educational contents in view of rapidly changing demands, extends through politics, science and technology up to the development of teaching aids that are supported by the media, questions of planning and carrying out of didactic processes, development and evaluation of educational media and media-pedagogic questions concerning multimedia and educational networks.

Award for Gerhard Graf-Martinez product.

Flamenco Guitar DVD is awarded the Comenius Medal 2005

On 16. 6. 2005 the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information e.V. (GPI) [Society for Pedagogy and Information] awarded the most important German awards for didactic multimedia products in Berlin.

’With the Cormenius awards and the Euromedia prizes, the GPI awards outstanding didactic multimedia products for their educational value, content and design’, says Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard E. Ortner, President of the GPI. Even after ten years, the most important criterion is the content. ’The decisions taken in the media competition are based on didactically and scientifically evaluated assessments in a producer-neutral assessment procedure’, states Prof. Ortner. This year, the international jury of experts had to judge about 150 entries.

The DVD Flamenco Guitar was awarded the Comenius Medal in the category of ’Musical, artistic, as well as literary and sporting education’. Schott Musik International is proud of this award and congratulates the author and flamenco guitarist Gerhard Graf-Martinez on this distinction. The two DVDs by Gerhard Graf-Martinez take the players to the passionate world of Flamenco. The clearly structured and comprehensible two-volume method is suited both for teaching purposes and self study, showing every guitarist a safe passage through the fascinating world of Flamenco.

IB&M, Institut für Bildung und Medien der GPI (Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information)

German Didactic Media Award 2009

Gipsy Guitar - Rumba styles of the flamenco guitar (book + DVD + 2 CD-Audio)

urkunde und text 09

digita - Deutscher Bildungsmedienpreis


German EduMedia Award 2009

Gipsy Guitar - Rumba styles of the flamenco guitar (book + DVD + 2 CD-Audio)



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