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How to play the Rumba guitar styles

Multi-Track DVD

Rumba styles of the Flamenco guitar. Gipsy Guitar Rumba flamenca ...y mas by Gerhard Graf-Martinez.

Rumba Guitar DVD (Gipsy Guitar)



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Gipsy Guitar - DVD


The DVD enables students for the first time to learn the guitar techniques of the Rumba Flamenca with the aid of a combination of pictures, sound and animation. Video clips, focussing on the player's hands, show the precise movements and finger positions and make the strokes and golpes typical for this style easier to comprehend and copy. The videos can also be played at a slower speed or, with the loop function, repeated endlessly. A cursor, synchronized with the sound, indicates the position in the printed music on the screen; relevant video clips are also clearly cross-referenced. Solo part and accompanying guitar can be switched on or off independently.

The DVD is nominated for the digita 2009 The Deutsche Bildungsmedien-Preis is a quality award for digital media education.


Buch + 2CDs + DVD

Gipsy Guitar book + 2 CD-Audio + Gipsy Guitar DVD = Value Pack (Book + 2 CD-Audio + DVD)



Video track 1 and audio track 1 is selected: All guitars - solo guitar, rhythm guitar 1 and rhythm guitar 2 of Rumba title “Caballos Blancos“

Rumba - Alle Gitarren

Sologitarre Rumba

Video track 2 and audio track 2 is selected: Solo guitar of title “Caballos Blancos“

Video track 4 and audio track 4 is selected: Score player - standard music notation and tablatur (tab) with synchronized playback cursor.


Rhythmus-Gitarre Rumba

Video track 3 and audio track 3 is selected: Rhythm guitar 1 of title “Caballos Blancos“

Demonstration of Rumba pattern No. 6 of title “Sierra blanca“.

Rfumba Anschlagsmuster


Here you can see all selectable tracks title “Caballos Blancos“ / Normal time.

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